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Vladimir Putin Says the West has "Lost Its Mind"



Vladimir Putin Says the West has “Lost Its Mind”

In a recent Federal Council Speech, Russian Vladimir Putin said that the “West has lost its mind.”

He says that the West can not ignore the fact that “Russia can never be defeated on the battlefield” and says “that’s why they continue to ramp up the information warfare.”

Vladimir Putin says that the West’s “information warfare” is “often targeting the younger generations” and says “they lie by distorting historical facts” to attack Russian culture, “our orthodox church” and other religious organizations.

Putin then said that Western countries are destroying “the family unit,” “having perversions towards children by declaring pedophilia as normal,” and “forcing priests to recognize.”

The Russian President says the whole thing makes you want to tell these countries to turn to religious texts where “everything is written” that he says proves a family can only be a man and a woman.

He then said that there are millions of people in the West who know they are being led to “spiritual destruction” and that the “Western elites” have “lost their minds,” and cannot be cured.

Putin’s speech is much the same kind of rhetoric he often preaches about the “degenerates” in the West and Russia’s obligation to keep fighting for “religious” and “family” values.

It’s a page right out of history’s playbook to turn international squabbles into a fight for a people’s soul – and it never ends well.

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12 days ago

Dictators are alike. They introduce themselves as God’s agents

12 days ago

He is speaking FACTZ