Virginia Mom Charged with Murder after Toddler Dies from Eating THC Gummies

Dorothy Annette Clements from Spotsylvania County, Virginia, is facing felony murder and child neglect charges after her 4-year-old son, Tanner Clements, died from THC ingestion.

Dorothy did not get help for her son fast enough after he ingested THC-infused gummies earlier this year. He was found unresponsive on May 6 at home. They were both visiting.

And now, mom is being held accountable for his death. According to police, Tanner might still be alive if his mom had sought timely help.

Dorothy told police that her son ate half of a CBD gummy and that she called poison control and was assured he would be okay, according to search warrant documents filed for the case.

However, a detective on the case said she found an empty THC gummy jar in the house, and toxicology results showed that Tanner had extremely high levels of THC in his system.

A subsequent autopsy found the cause of death to be THC.