VIDEO: Will the Gloves—and Sheriff Joe—Show Up at the Nevada Athletic Commission Hearing

All bets are on for what could be the battle of the century on Tuesday, October 18’s Nevada Athletic Commission. 

The last item on the agenda, and the most hotly debated, “discussion and possible action on follow-up items stemming from the final report of the Nevada Attorney General’s Office regarding the death of UNLV student Nathan Valencia, presented at the August 23, 2022, Commission meeting, for possible action.”

During that meeting two months ago, chairman Stephen J. Cloobeck challenged Metro to show up with the gloves from the unsanctioned fight that killed 20-year-old Nathan Valencia. However, as of now, about 15 hours before the next hearing— the gloves are still nowhere to be found.

Plain and simple, you aren’t allowed to have a fight in the state of Nevada unless the commission approves it and they certainly didn’t approve this one. And now the evidence hasn’t materialized, which puts how and if Metro investigated this debacle into serious question.

“There were complaints about this forever from this commission to not allow any type of fighting in the state of Nevada under any circumstances without the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s oversight,” said Commissioner Anthony Marnell. “This is exactly why. When you read this report, this is a cluster beyond belief from one end to the other on organization, promotion, safety, inspection, drugs, and alcohol in the ring.”

FACTZ has a ringside seat to watch this unfold and will keep everyone in the loop.

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