VIDEO: Tom Arnold Says Trump Will Takedown the Republican Party and that Brady’s Divorce is a Hoax

One of the most epic interviews outside of Craig’s Restaurant in WeHo. Actor Tom Arnold broke down his facts of life.

Arnold stated these critical points for FACTZ:

  • Republicans need to get their crap together.
  • Biden saved the country.
  • Gavin [Newsom] is great.
  • Trump is the worst human being on the planet.
  • 81 million people voted against Trump.
  • Tom Brady is a very nice guy.
  • ‘You are out’ if you think Brady will get divorced.
  • I’m a [NY] Giants fan.
  • Huge mistake if you pick a side. Think about the kids. Brady will figure it out.

Safe to say Tom Arnold is a TRUE democrat.


  • Another Hollywood clown speaks out. Hey Tom just curious do you have any thoughts for yourself or are you always gonna stick to the agenda that you have to in order to stay somewhat relevant in Hollywood?

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