VIDEO: Sometimes a Coyote Just Needs to Use the Bathroom

Sometimes, you’re a human being just trying to do your job and dealing with the unexpected impact of nature.

Sometimes, you’re a coyote just trying to do coyote things, and you end up somewhere surprising.

In this case, a middle school bathroom.

This week, an animal control officer (Will Luna) from Riverside County in California shared a video with people scratching their heads.

As he pushes open a bathroom stall with a loop leash, the video reveals that the stall’s occupant is not who you’d expect. It’s not a middle schooler smoking weed or a couple hoping to catch a cuddle out of the sight of prying eyes.

It was a coyote.

And by the way, he hid his face when the animal control officer opened the door. He was embarrassed by his predicament.

Luna tries to soothe the disgruntled creature, heard on the video saying, “Hey guy, let’s get you out of here.”

Luckily, no children and coyotes were harmed in the making of this unexpected encounter – and the coyote, nicknamed “Wile E,” was returned to the wild with nothing more than a weird tale to tell his family.

Wile E is estimated to be around nine months old and has been seen in the area before – but he probably won’t make the same mistake twice.


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