UPDATE: Video Shows NFL Star Braxton Berrios Forcefully Grabbing Alix Earle at Nightclub

UPDATE: FACTZ has learned Braxton Berrios is “not happy” that Alix Earle is not defending him over the video. The NFL has reached out to FACTZ. However, it’s not our job to do their job. Berrios’ Camp is adamant that Alix Earle was a sloppy drunk and kept falling over. “Braxton was catching her,” but we have watched the video 100x, and Earle is perfectly upright and not falling. This wrist grab was extremely aggressive to the human eye, and witnesses at the club [E11even] that night confirmed it.

FACTZ has contacted management at the venue, and they are telling us, “Alix Earle was not drunk. She was having a good time like she always does.”

This story is developing. FACTZ is die-hard against domestic abuse, especially to women!

Original story [Sept. 6, 2016]: As the NFL approaches, Braxton Berrios of the Miami Dolphins thought it would be a good idea to let off some steam with “Just Friends” Alix Earle. FACTZ was told that Earle was “wasted” and looked “unwell,” which is somewhat on brand for her. However, a video caught by a fan from a distance shows Braxton forcefully grabbing the wrist of Alix Earle.

FACTZ has spoken to Berrios’ camp, who exclaims, “Alix kept falling over, and Braxton was trying his best to hold her up. The way the seats are set up at E11even, it’s really hard to stand on them. It’s nothing more than that.”

The video tells a different story, but if you say so?