Video: First-Time Connor McGregor Leaves Hotel Since Rape Allegations

FACTZ caught video of Connor McGregor leaving the Pennisula Hotel in New York City for the first time in two days since he spoke with FACTZ over what he claimed was a “false and fake news” allegation.

According to Celeb Magazine:

The rape victim attorney Ariel E. Mitchell, the woman went to the police on Sunday (JUNE 11) to report the incident but was turned away and advised to hire legal help before returning to give them the clothes on Wednesday (JUNE 14).

Mitchell says the clothes have McGregor’s DNA on them – saliva from him spitting on her and “pre-ejaculation.” The alleged attack at Game 4 of the NBA Finals on June 9 is detailed in demand letters sent by the woman’s attorney to McGregor, the NBA, and the Miami Heat this week. McGregor denies the allegations, with his attorney dismissing them as “false” and insisting: “Mr. McGregor will not be intimidated.”