US Pledges to Keep Offering Security Assistance to Ukraine

It’s a controversial statement, but the US has pledged to continue to offer security assistance to embattled Ukraine.

White House National security spokesman John Kirby told ABC, “We don’t really have anything more to add to the reports about the explosion on the bridge. What I can tell you is that Mr. Putin started this war, and Mr. Putin could end it today simply by moving his troops out of the country.”

Kirby explained that both sides need to come to the negotiation table, but Russia doesn’t seem inclined to try.

Kirby adds, “Quite the contrary. By calling up hundreds of thousands of reservists, by politically annexing, or at least trying to annex four areas of Ukraine, he has shown every indication that he is doubling down. [This] is why, quite frankly, we are in touch almost daily with the Ukrainians, and we’re going to continue to provide them security assistance.”

This contrasts sharply with President Biden’s statement last week referencing the potential for nuclear “Armageddon” if Russia feels cornered, with Kirby explaining that Biden only meant the stakes are high.

Many critics suggest that the US is poking the hornet’s nest by continuing to support Ukraine. In contrast, advocates suggest that doing anything else would be unconscionable as the smaller country continues to fight for its independent existence.


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