US Funnels Another $2.6B into Military-Related Assistance for Ukraine

Everything’s roses in the United States, where the government can afford to send over $2.6B to other countries. Nothing to see there, right?

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Thursday while on a trip to Ukraine that the US would be sending an additional over-$2B in foreign military financing to help the besieged country and 18 others in the region as they nervously eye Russian advances.

That brings the total amount of aid sent so far up to a staggering $15B under the administration of President Joe Biden.

The $2.6B breaks down to $675M in direct military assistance to Ukraine and another $2B in funding for “other” and other nations concerned by Russia’s aggressive tactics.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters Thursday from Ramstein Air Base in Germany, “Ukrainian forces have begun their counteroffensive in the south of their country, and they are integrating capabilities that we all have provided to help themselves to fight and reclaim their sovereign territory.”

US officials hope that investing in general aid now will prevent a greater conflict later if Russia is allowed to advance unchecked, hedging their bets on a “smaller investment now, bigger payout later” type deal. Kyiv is currently pushing dual offensives in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, putting Russia on the defensive. In the east, Ukrainian resistance near Kharkiv is gaining ground and showing hope for the first time that they may be able to retake territory.

Unfortunately for American taxpayers, the payout won’t come in cash. During a time when inflation is at an all-time high and Americans are struggling under the higher costs of rent and food prices, the move to continue financially bolstering the Ukrainian conflict is met with skepticism.


  • Meanwhile the people in the US have to fend for ourselves. “Me first” is the motto of this admin as it’s clearly not “America first”

  • Laundering the money right back to Hillary and the pedo. Look into what country contributed the most the Hillary’s campaign.

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