Unruly Agency Has Their Own PR Team—and It’s Not Who You’d Think

Unruly Agency: You know who they are or you’re in for a tumultuous treat. An influencer branding agency with an impressive clientele list including Tana Mongeau, Abby Rao, Sofia Bevarly, Antje Utgaard and more, Unruly was founded by social media bigwigs Tara Electra and Nicky Gathrite.

InTouch Weekly wrote an article singing the praises of Unruly, explaining, “Unruly prides itself on creating high quality, unique content and developing highly thought-out strategies to share the content with their audience in a way that’s authentic and engaging.” This is all according to Unruly’s Director of Talent Jacqueline Rahhal. The media outlet describes Unruly as “primarily female-driven” and lists the ways they’ve incorporated influencer needs into their business model.

There’s just one problem with the “everything’s roses” InTouch soliloquy: it’s not exactly based in reality. Yes, true, what they’re saying about the founding of the company and the way it’s intended to run is true. But readers would miss the forest for the trees without knowing the rest of the story.

Unruly is in trouble. Big trouble. A lawsuit has been levied against the agency for “wage theft, wrongful termination and other illegal behavior.” But there’s neither hide nor hair of it on InTouch’s love letter to the company’s creators. If all you read was the outlet’s take on Unruly, you’d think it was all about female empowerment, influencer growth and ethical paths to superstardom. And before you give InTouch credit, thinking maybe they wrote the article before the lawsuit was made public, think again; PRNewswire reported the lawsuit in November 2021, and InTouch trotted out the praise in March of ’22.

Unruly’s Director of Operations Rachel Brink told InTouch, “As cheesy as it sounds, we’re genuinely like a family … I often leave work with a big smile on my face from being so incredibly proud of our team.”

It’s sweet, InTouch (parent company a360), but a little truth in reporting would be nice. You’ve said what they’ve done right —now what about the things they’ve done wrong. After all, Unruly benefits from facing the charges head-on – not pretending they’re imaginary. That’s a story for another FACTZ, my friends.



  • Isn’t this website called factz? Why aren’t they stating that case was dismissed. This agency is known for making its models millions of dollars and changing lives.

    • Kev King scared him off. It shows Richie or hooman is not real media or press. Kev dominated him and destroyed Nik on his instagram stories, ruined his Launch and put him in his place. So Factz is that Richie cancelled the kev article because he’s scared that kev has more info on him. Was a first round KO by KING kev. Everyone knows that by Richie backing off of kev factz is done and finished. Website won’t last a week. The biggest thing in media is, if you get scared off, then you are finished.

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