Unearthed Vid from Aaron Carter Shows Him Claiming His Family was Trying to Kill Him

A new and disturbing unearthed video of Aaron Carter is casting a much darker shadow over his death.

In the video, Carter was linking to a GoFundMe account to “verify that it’s actually” his account. He claims he’s had to misdirect people to protect himself from his brother (Nick Carter), “who’s a rapist.”

Carter claimed that Sony owed him over $3M and claims that his family and others were trying to kill him.

Carter begged fans to donate $100K so he could move to “an undisclosed location” and be safe.

He says, “they had cops come and check for a rope in my garage, saying I wanted to hang myself.”

At the time that he made the fundraiser, Carter claimed, “My family is out to get a conservatorship or set things up to make it look like I have killed myself. There is a conspiracy that my family wants to take my life to take my money, and when I die, they will have all rights to my money and assets. It is a known fact that after a celebrity dies, the industry makes way more money.”

Carter was found dead on November 5 of an undisclosed cause.


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