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UN Human Rights Office Calls on Iran to Release Prisoners: Dialogue, Not ‘Increasing Harshness’

The UN Human Rights office is calling on Iran to release thousands of protesters arrested as part of anti-“morality law” demonstrations across the religious extremist country.

Spokesman Jeremy Laurence (from the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights) says the council is calling for all charges to be dropped against demonstrators and warned that Iran could only meet the death penalty for the “most serious crimes” under international law. This comes amid concerns that some protesters could be facing capital punishment.

Laurence said at a regular U.N. presser in Geneva, “Instead of opening space for dialogue on legitimate grievances, the authorities are responding to unprecedented protests with increasing harshness.”

Laurence added that at least ten protesters have been charged with offenses that carry the death penalty, including one found guilty of either “waging war against God” or “corruption on earth” for damaging public property.

Additionally, Germany and Iceland are helming a push for the UN Human Rights Council to create a “fact-finding mission” (a team of independent rights experts) to take a look at alleged human rights violations of protesters and citizens in Iran.

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4 months ago

Unfortunately, international institutions are hypocrites, and they do not do anything useful for the people of Iran