UK Says Number of Russians Fleeing Conscription is Greater than Original Ukraine Invasion Force

Russians are unenthusiastic about their country’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine.

Just how unenthusiastic is becoming evident after Russian President Vladimir Putin initialized a partial mobilization of the draft to bolster flagging forces in the invasion.

The UK says reports show that those who have fled Russia to avoid being drafted now make up a more significant number than the size of the original invasion force.

At least 190,000 people have fled the country since Putin announced that he was planning to draft reservists to fight in Ukraine. Bloomberg suggests the number could be as high as 200,000, citing data from the European Union, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. Ten thousand people a day are being said to cross the border from Russia into Georgia, more than double the usual traffic.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine, they used a force of about 190,000 strong – which shows a sharp contrast to how many people are trying to get out of the way by fleeing their homes and all they know to avoid being forced to fight.

The massive siphoning of the country’s youngest, strongest, and smartest could deal a devastating blow to the economy as the majority of their workforce bleeds away through the borders, and much of the country’s young talent is fleeing.

The UK’s Ministry of Defense said this week, “The better off and well educated are overrepresented among those attempting to leave Russia.”

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