Uber Drivers Worry They’re Unwitting Drug Mules Thanks to Uber Connect

During the pandemic, the ride-share company Uber launched a new program called Uber Connect.

It allowed drivers to pick up and deliver packages for people without all the hassle of going through the postal system.

The only problem is that many drivers fear they’re being unwitting drug mules and could be on the hook if one of their customers is ever busted. But more pressingly, they worry that they’re getting involved with dangerous transactions.

Multiple drivers have reported turning in materials they found suspicious during Connect deliveries but fear that customers who know their names and faces may track them down when their drug deliveries don’t arrive.

Uber told NBC, “When we receive this type of report, our global safety team investigates and may take actions ranging from deactivating the relevant account to reporting the issue to law enforcement. The misuse of shipping and transportation platforms to deliver illicit drugs is an industry-wide issue, and we will continue partnering with law enforcement to address it.”

While it sounds great, it doesn’t do a lot to help drivers on the ground who may find themselves suddenly in possession of something very illegal – and very dangerous.


  • They are not special. The postal and courier services rarely get prosecuted. There would be no liability because their terms of surface would surely mitigate this?

    • Uber still fires (suspends) the driver while they investigate which takes 30-60 days. It’s a major income hit.

  • Uber is trying to be like Facebook’s mission statement- let’s copy everyone else to drive up our stock to pay for it. It’s really sad.

  • It is…we were in the city at a cubs game and a guy jumped in our Uber before us. The Uber guy gave us the wait a sec sign. My wife was oblivious to what was happening but I knew what was happening. The guy jumped out and we were summers in. I told the wifey what happened and she was like no way. I confronted the Uber guy after persuasion and he said that many Ubers roll come through the city. Anyway, big fan of you NR, love the dirty and the FACTZ.

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