9 Million Told to Flee As Typhoon Nanmadol Lashes Japan, Leaving Devastation and Multiple Dead

Typhoon Nanmadol has made landfall on in Kagoshima city before moving on to lash Japan’s southernmost island of Kyushu.

The massive storm, with winds just under 160MPH ahead of landfall, is the largest to hit Japan in years.

As it approached, nearly 9 million residents were warned to evacuate or seek higher shelter, with punishing winds and catastrophic flooding expected.

When the storm made landfall on Sunday, it knocked out power to around 300,000 households and left at least two dead in its wake.

One person remains missing and about 115 have been injured.

Railway services in the region have ground to a halt and around a foot of rain is expected in landslide-prone areas, raising the risk for residents even as the storm passes by.

This storm marks the 14th of the season, a stunningly active typhoon season compared to the nearly silent Atlantic hurricane season for 2022.