Two Truths and Lie Uncovered in the Mysterious Death of Basketball Player Jackson Vroman

In the morning hours of June 25, 2015, former NBA player Jackson Vroman’s lifeless body was extracted from the bottom of a swimming pool in the Hollywood Hills. This is the ending that all parents dread for their kids who get swept up in the bright lights of the big city. 

Cause of death: GHB, ketamine and cocaine.

By this point, the 34-year-old, 6-foot 10 former player for the Phoenix Suns basketball player had become known more for his partying than his playing. He was a favorite of nightclub hosts, the Burning Man set, dopalike addicts, Instagram fakes and of course, Dan Bilzerian. 


He overdosed two months before he died on the same toxic cocktail that killed him-GHB, ketamine and cocaine. He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Not heeding that warning sign, he went right back to partying, which led to the events that fateful summer night. None of his friends told his family. His father Brett Vroman found out at the funeral.


Brett, also a former basketball player, is a therapist who noticed his son’s deteriorating condition before his death and tried to bring him back to Utah. Jackson told Brett that he had participated in an ayahuasca ceremony, which is meant to enlighten and lift the soul.

The Lie

Otherwise, healthy 20 and 30-year-olds don’t just drop dead on a regular basis. But this age demographic sure does have a high death rate in Hollywood and Las Vegas, where cool kids continually lie and cover up the cause of the deaths of their friends. Most of these deaths are suicides, drug overdoses or related to extreme health issues caused by constant partying. 

When Jackson died, his “friends” tried to cover up what killed him and then scurried away-making up lies that he was killed in a car accident or hit his head. It was only after security footage was found that he fell in the pool around 3 a.m. with no one around-and therefore that no one could be implicated in his death that they started to talk.

His one true friend, his poodle, never left his side, frantically barking to save his master. His friends presumably passed out until he was pronounced dead 7 hours later.

And if this sounds familiar, read what happened to Kim Fattorini. These two fallen angels of Hollywood shared many of the same “friends” and in the end, a similar toxicology report.

Cold case story developing …


  • It’s really is kinda weird how some of those same people always were lurking around in these tragic Hollywood cases. In fact if I recall all it took was some wealthy well known names having some people over or a good Hollywood party and magically those same characters always appeared oh but never without their party favors. I’m sure it’s just all coincidence tho… or is it.

  • this is my son that was “written” about, buzz off, you cherry picked some “facts +” and then spun it. Very disrespectful.

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