Twitter Upgrade Crashes Site for Many while Elon Musk Pretends Nothing Went Wrong

Twitter rolled out a series of upgrades on Wednesday. New Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the platform should “feel faster” due to “Significant backend server architecture changes” being made.

However, that was not the experience for many Twitter users.

Some found the site wouldn’t load, especially from a desktop computer.

Twitter support, however, didn’t make any mention of the widespread outage, and when asked directly, Musk tweeted, “works for me.”

As long as it works for Musk, nothing’s wrong, apparently.

It’s unclear why Musk is focusing on site speed, considering that’s one complaint no one ever makes – but when all you can make is minor improvements because the significant issues are too large to tackle, anything feels like a win.

The issues seem to be mostly resolved as of Thursday morning, but Musk’s “see no evil” approach is irritating even his most ardent supporters.