Twitter Prepares to Cut 50% of its Employees as Part of Musk’s Grand Vision

Big changes are coming at Twitter.

Now that Elon Musk has taken control, Twitter employees are expecting a 50% reduction in the workforce.

That means around 3,700 employees will find themselves out of a job.

In addition, Musk is expected to require remote workers to return to the offices.

But things may not be as simple as Musk hopes.

A lawsuit has been filed against Twitter for the upcoming layoffs because they failed to give appropriate notice.

The lawsuit, filed by Twitter employees in anticipation of the layoffs they expect to hear announced Friday, says that Twitter would violate a federal law called the Work Adjustment, and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, as well as California’s state WARN Act.

Tesla is currently facing a similar lawsuit after Musk slashed employees there to save a few dollars.

The lawsuit reads in part, “Plaintiffs file this action seeking to ensure that Twitter complies with the law and provide the requisite notice or severance payment in connection with the anticipated layoffs and that it not solicit releases of claims of any employees without informing them of the pendency of this action.”