Twitter Blue Subscription Disappears One Day After Launch

Elon Musk seems to be having second thoughts about his ill-fated roll-out of the Twitter Blue $8 verified check marks.

Just one day after the program was launched, it disappeared.

Could it be because thousands of people promptly paid $8 to make fake accounts and sow chaos? Many subscribers made parody accounts of real public figures and businesses, entreating customers to direct message them information on anything from fraud alerts to airline ticket concerns – raising red flags that Twitter was about to get slammed with a massive wave of businesses abandoning the social media platform out of fear of having their name associated with the debacle.

The shake-up comes as more high-level staff responsible for vital functions (trust and safety, data privacy, cyber security, regulation compliance) left Twitter frustrated with the new Chief Twit.

As of Friday morning, the option to sign up for the new subscription had disappeared without a real explanation.

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  • This is what happens when you have yes people around you. Nobody wants to get fired so they just say “yes” to Elon. Social media is not cars or rockets. It’s human minds.

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