Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Former President Trump to Air

Amidst the Republican presidential debate happening in Milwaukee, ex-Fox News figure Tucker Carlson has unveiled a teaser video for his upcoming interview with former President Donald Trump. Rather than participating in the debate he criticized, Trump chose to sit down with Carlson. In the lead-up to the debate, Trump openly questioned the rationale behind engaging in a debate with trailing candidates.

“Incontrovertibly, Trump has emerged as the dominant front-runner in the Republican race,” remarked Carlson in the teaser video. “We believe voters are keen to hear his thoughts. Thus, when Trump proposed a discussion for a much broader audience than cable news, we eagerly embraced the opportunity.”

In a statement, Trump’s campaign took a dig at the debate he wasn’t partaking in and also criticized Fox News for its “unnatural obsession” with him.

“Anticipate the Fox hosts displaying an unnatural fixation on President Trump tonight, repeatedly seeking responses from other Republican contenders about his policy stances. We’ll even be keeping track of the frequency of President Trump’s name mentions and his total ‘speaking time,’ despite his absence,” his campaign communicated.

Scheduled for release at 8:55 p.m. ET on X (formerly known as Twitter), the interview is set to be posted by Carlson, who has been using the platform to offer a “fresh version” of his former Fox News primetime show. This development comes after Carlson’s departure from the network in April, following a $787 million settlement between the company and Dominion Voting Systems.

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