Tucker Carlson Tells The Full Send Podcast that America is No Longer a World Power

The Full Send Podcast got a rare interview with an awkward Tucker Carlson.

Carlson, who has been under much pressure this past week with his Jan. 6 views, told Kyle Forgeard and Steiny that America sucks now. When Forgeard asks Carlson if America is a “World Power.”

TC states: “No. The whole point of American foreign policy, for like 100 years, was, don’t let the other big powers align against us. Big Power Russia, which is the world’s largest land mass, with the world’s largest reserve of energy natural gas, and the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. Then you have this other country China which is the world’s largest population, 1.3 billion, and the world’s largest economy, and each one of those is potentially pretty formidable. But if they get together. No, you are no longer the most powerful.”

Yes, another huge interview to add to Steiny’s resume. Listen to the entire interview below.


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