Trump Tells Cedric Gervais – “Not to Worry, I’ll Be Back”

At the reception of Tiffany Trump’s wedding at Mar-a-Lago, DJ Cedric Gervais got the opportunity to give FACTZ the thumbs up. Gervais, who is not tied to any political party, had an amicable conversation with the Former President of the United States.

Donald J. Trump told the world-famous DJ Cedric Gervais, “I will be back in the White House.”

Trump, who is set to announce his decision to run for President soon … told the Frenchman, “he’s [Cedric Gervais] a good guy” and “not to worry, I’ll be back, but not like Arnold [Schwarzenegger], that man is a failure. Did you see how he ruined the Apprentice? Failure.”

Thank you, Gervais, for the announcement before the announcement. Good man.


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