Trump Openly Challenging the Feds to Indict Him

As former President Donald Trump takes to campaign rallies ahead of the midterm elections, he’s supposed to drum up enthusiasm for midterm candidates.

But what he’s doing is growing bolder and more reckless – and now all but taunting the Department of Justice to indict him.

Now, Trump’s rhetoric is no longer, “this is a nothing burger,” it’s “yeah, I had the documents, but it wasn’t a crime.”

Trump’s legal counsel has been urging him to keep quiet and work with the DoJ, but of course, that’s not Trump’s MO.

Instead, Trump is now acting like the wronged party – stating that the documents seized by the FBI in the course of an investigation into his handling of classified documents – are his and should be returned.

Objectively, he’s wrong – they belong to the National Archives.

But one can’t help but look at Trump’s behavior in rallies and online recently and think, “This man wants to be caught.”

Maybe after all he’s done, Trump has a bit of a submissive kink.


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