Trump Announces He’s Going to be the Next President of the United States

The voice over the loudspeaker introduced him as the next president and First Lady of the United States and the crowded group of MAGA hat wearing supporters that gathered Tuesday evening at Mar-a-Lago cheered in glee as Donald Trump took the podium to tell the world he’s running again. Trump assured the crowd “Joe Biden would not get four more years,” proclaiming to the crowd that in 2020 he got more votes than anyone ever — in this universe or galaxy.

… Maybe not. But they sure ate it up. Proud to be an American blasted during the intro and then for 30 plus minutes the fighter supreme leader recounted his resume — hitting all the keywords.

America is in a state of shame and disrepair, fentanyl, borders, bad people and the like ticked all his verbal SEO boxes.

“America’s comeback starts now,” he says, stating that America was at its pinnacle of power and prestige and everything was going great – thriving like never before – there was never a time like when [he] was president.”

“All they had to do was sit back and watch … .”

Then, of course, darkness and despair fell on Gotham City … oops wrong narrative.

Trump then threw a big shout out to his flunkie hypocritic Hershel Walker and told the eager MAGA’s like Mighty Mouse … he’s come to save the day once again.

But fear not … “In order to make America great and glorious again I am announcing my candidacy for president,” he says. Whew! We thought he just invited us here for another Friendsgiving without enough turkey!


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