Travis Kelce’s Ex-GF Using His New Relationship For Clout

No need for us to break down the tea involving Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift‘s new romance, we know you already know about it. However, we’ve got drama that is a little bit juicier involving Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, also known as the winner of Catching Kelce.”

Kayla Nicole, Kelce’s girlfriend of eight months after winning his reality dating show, is making sure that she gets her share of attention in the news surrounding the star football player and Grammy award-winning artist.

Nicole snagged an interview with a network we are unaware of to talk poorly about Kelce saying, “Travis is a narcissist. So, most narcissists don’t change.”

Nicole admitted to being in love with the football player and believing that they were going to marry. She says, “He met my parents, I had a key to his penthouse. To me, that means that you’re pretty serious.”

The 31-year-old life coach, who dated Kelce in 2016… is questioning Kelce’s genuineness towards his relationship with Swift because he’s allowing it to be in the media. However, is she forgetting who Swift actually is?

Nicole then gets petty towards the singer calling her relationship with Kelce “cute” and saying “I had him first.” Although, she claims “I don’t know Taylor Swift. I’m a fan of her music. I don’t feel any way about her dating Travis.” Hmm… What do you think? Is the former reality TV personality jealous?