Tragedy Strikes the Dance Floor as Guy Gerber Sends a Message to the World

Over the weekend, the dance floor – a cherished realm of love, joy, and liberation – bore witness to an unprecedented horror within the music world. A crowd of 4,000 unarmed souls gathered at a trance festival, seeking moments of unity and serenity, only to confront a nightmare beyond imagination. Hundreds were ruthlessly taken from us, and more than 200 were abducted by Hamas terrorists. On October 7, 2023, this and numerous other attacks that day left citizens from 17 different countries either deceased or missing.

These vibrant souls, many of whom you may have encountered at events like Boom Festival, Ozora, Burning Man, and countless other global gatherings, embodied the values of peace, unity, and freedom. The international music community cannot remain silent when our fellow sisters and brothers are mercilessly attacked on the dance floor and held captive in Gaza. We fervently call for their immediate release. Please share this message and join us in reuniting our music family safely. #BringThemBack