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Tosh Berman Gives Statement On Jax Vroman Death - Factz


Tosh Berman Gives Statement On Jax Vroman Death

Our recent FACTZ story on the death of former basketball star and heavy partier Jackson Vroman and how he died is starting to muster up responses. The answers to the questions about events that night do not make sense. Who gave Jackson the drugs? That’s the main question FACTZ is looking to answer.

Now that time has passed (calmer minds), let’s help Jax’s family get closer. It’s a Hollywood cold case file that must be solved.

Entrepreneur and former roommate Tosh Berman told FACTZ, “To be very candid, I don’t know what Jax was doing up until around 1 a.m., which is when he got back to the house. Then, he was alone partying by himself for a few hours, there were three other people in the house all sleeping and Jax was downstairs in the movie theater by himself until around 4 a.m.” Berman continues, “Then he went out to the pool alone and while walking back inside, he slipped and hit his head on the side of the pool and fell in. The next morning when Rue woke up, he saw Jax from the kitchen and yelled for me and I called the police.”

FACTZ is in the process of gathering reports and police footage to share. The ruling of an “accidental death” doesn’t add up.

Stay tuned … as we look into VeriSign CEO Stratton Sclavos’ involvement and connection with Jax.

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