Top 25 FACTZ of the Week

What a whirlwind week of glory. Here are the Top 25 viral FACTZ from last week (based on visits). The FACTZ Family is proliferating. I cannot wait to bring us more unique matters of Gen-Z battles while making old Happy Dads see us expose hot chicks that manipulate society for personal gain (cons).

  1. Like 9-11, We Must Never Forget—Amal Hamidinia, Better Known As AJ Hamm

2. Mission Impossible: Taking Down the Birkin Syndicate

3. More Details Regarding Tiffany Haddish And The Female Minor

4. ICYMI: Your Favorite ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Is a Pedo

5. What Happened to Jon Gray?

6. Jason Binn Continues His Egocentric ‘Sing Sing’ Rant

7. Irvine PD Is Not Protecting In-N-Out Burger Owner Lynsi Ellingson

8. Meghan Markle Blacklisted by Royals and Kept from Dying Queen’s Bedside

9. Bob Menery Was FIRED from ‘Full Send Podcast’

10. Let The Evander Kane Chronicles Begin

11. DuJour CEO and Founder Jason Binn Goes Unhinged After FACTZ Article Makes the Rounds

12. Real Money, Fake Blue Checks—Verification Scheme Proves Instagram Popularity Is Worthless

13. Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s Step-Daughter Victim of Las Vegas Crime Spree

14. Las Vegas Sheriff and Governor Candidate Joe Lombardo Said ‘WHAT?’ Shocking Texts Revealed

15. Case Open: Family Seeks Justice For Death of Kim Fattorini, Trial Date Set

16. Media Pub Jason Binn is Feeling Famous and Feeling on Kids

17. FBI Cover-Up of Hunter Biden Crimes Continues After Bombshell Report that Agent ‘Ignored’ Information

18. Meghan Markle, The ‘Royal Pain,’ Inches Closer to the Throne with Death of Queen Elizabeth

19. Knowing Sex Trafficking Methods Could Keep You Safe from the Unimaginable

20. The Celebrity Swindler Gets Swindled; How Clickbait is the New IVT

21. What the Hell Happened to George Maloof?

22. Ted Dhanik: “I Am Lucky to be Alive,” LAPD Took 45 Minutes to Respond at Hollywood Hills Shooting

23. FACTZ Takes Off, Surpassing LA Times in Apple App Store

24. Remember When 60 People Died in the Las Vegas 2017 Mass Shooting – The Goal was 2,000 Dead

25. Debadged Verification: FROZEN is a Civilian Again