Top 25 FACTZ of the Week

What a whirlwind week of glory. Here are the Top 25 viral FACTZ from last week (based on visits). The FACTZ Family is proliferating. I cannot wait to bring us more unique matters of Gen Z battles while making old Happy Dads see us expose hot chicks that manipulate society for personal gain (cons). Also, Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian.

  1. Chronic Player ‘Romance Scammer’ Pleads Guilty to Stealing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from 19 Victims

2. Kanye West To Be Dropped by Adidas

3. The Three Musk-eteers Have Communicated via Conference Call

4. Sheriff Joe’s Response to Athletic Commission: ‘Trumpian Deflect and Deny’

5. Balenciaga Quietly Severs Relationship with Kanye West – Removing Yeezy Gap Collab from Website

6. Influencer and Model Shares Harrowing Tale of Collapsed Lung after Vaping

7. Dana White’s ‘Power Slap League’ Gets Approval from Nevada Commission

8. Hailey Bieber Leaving Pilates – Who Makes That Outfit?

9. Street Art Showing Angelina Jolie with Mastectomy Scars Appears in Milan

10. Danny Masterson Paid $400k to Silence Rape Accuser, Pushed an NDA

11. Stephen Deleonardis Better Known as ‘Steve Will Do It’ of Nelk Boys Fame Wins $80,000.00 on Suga Sean O’Malley’s UFC Victory

12. UPDATE: James Corden Banned from NYC Restaurant Balthazar for Being an Ass to Wait Staff

13. Kanye West Friday Night ‘Flashing Lights’ – Does Impromptu Press Conference Confirming FACTZ Exclusive

14. Platinum Pet Treats Exposed by Viral TikTok Video

15. Congressman Eric Swalwell Launches Jarring Abortion ‘Lock Her Up’ Ad Campaign, Meets with President Zelenskyy in Ukraine

16. Richie Akiva Owes $1.8 Million in Back Rent, 1-Oak Nightclub Officially Evicted

17. Controversial Political Analyst Tomi Lahren is Off the Market

18. Kyle Forgeard of the Nelk Boys Turns Kanye West into a Pumpkin

19. 10 Iranians Have been Killed in Ukrainian Strikes

20. Nik Richie Needs Pilates

21. Elon Musk has Plans to Cut 75% of Twitter’s Workforce

22. Who is Hasbulla Magomedov? America’s New A-List Celebrity

23. Swedish Actor Dolph Lundgren is No Longer Soviet Boxer Ivan Drago

25. The Psychological Damage of Ghosting

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