Top 25 FACTZ of the Week

What a whirlwind week of glory. Here are the Top 25 viral FACTZ from last week (based on visits). The FACTZ Family is proliferating. I cannot wait to bring us more unique matters of Gen-Z battles while making old Happy Dads see us expose hot chicks that manipulate society for personal gain (cons).

  1. FACTZ EXCLUSIVE: New couple Alert – Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah

2. Tao Wickrath Is My Favorite Person Today

4. FACTZ on the Streets: Romance is Not Dead

5. A Celebrity Sex Tape Correction – This Is Not Kylie Jenner

6. BREAKING: Trevor Noah Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ After 7 Years

7. Does Trump Have ‘Something On’ Judge Overseeing Mar-a-Lago Documents Case? Experts Are Baffled

8. A Rags to Riches Story – How Nicky Gathrite Went from OC Eviction to OnlyFans Loophole Millionaire

9. FACTZ EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary Gives Amazing Business Advice and Explains His $300 Million Mistake

10. UPDATE: Kylie Jenner’s Looks at Paris Fashion Week

11. Former Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry Leaving Wawa’s Creates Clickbait Rumors

12. Fake Blues: The Unruly Agency Owners are on the Fake Blue Check Verification Master Deletion List

13. Jordan and Pippen Seen Cuddling Again

14. VIDEO: Swedish House Mafia Respect the Struggle of the Women in Iran – ‘What Can We Do’

15. PornHub Blasts Instagram for Permanent Ban, Calling the Ban ‘Unequal Treatment’

16. First Amendment Hero Marc Randazza Joins the FACTZ Legal Dream Team 

17. VIDEO: Floridians Trapped as Ian Exits Florida and Threatens to Re-Strengthen on Approach to South Carolina

18. Artis Leon Ivey Jr., Known Professionally as Coolio, Dead at 59

19. Video of Naples, Florida Firefighters Rescuing Stranded Driver from Hurricane Ian

20. The Queen Died of Old Age, Not Clickbait 

21. Gigi Hadid is in a Bad Mood

22. UPDATE: Kylie Jenner’s Looks at Paris Fashion Week – Part 2

23. Fauci’s Income Net Worth Nearly Doubled as His Policies Shut Down 200K Small Businesses

24. Shaquille Oneal’s Foundation in Las Vegas Invites Shady Characters

25. California Gas Prices to Hit 10 Dollars Per Gallon Next Week

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