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Top 25 FACTZ of the Week

What a whirlwind week of glory. Here are the Top 25 viral FACTZ from last week (based on visits). The FACTZ Family is proliferating. I cannot wait to bring us more unique matters of Gen-Z battles while making old Happy Dads see us expose hot chicks that manipulate society for personal gain (cons).

  1. FACTZ EXCLUSIVE: Sumner Stroh Looking for a Quick Buck After Alleged Adam Levine Affair

2. The Birkin Syndicate – The Criminal Past of Privé Porter Founder Michelle Berk

3. UPDATE – Evander Kane Chronicles: More Domestic Violence – “Punched My Daughter in the Head”

4. The Birkin Syndicate is Really the Fake Birkin Syndicate – Thanks to Michelle Braun aka Michelle Berk of Privé Porter

5. Ongoing Protests in Iran Over Woman’s Death – Estimated 100 Dead

6. Phoenix Suns and Mercury owner Robert Sarver to Sell Teams after Harassment Revelations

7. Beverly Hills Businessman Tom Nguyen Has a Little Secret

8. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Ray Romano Shares His Life Story With FACTZ

9. VIDEO: Amanda Cerny Is Back In West Hollywood

10. VIDEO UPDATE: Mahsa Amini’s Death Sparks Protests Across Iran as Women Burn Their Hijabs

11. Amazon is Planning to Turn a Profit Off Information You Thought Was Private

12. WTF? Adam Levine Wants to Name New Baby After His Ex-Mistress

13. Adam Levine and Fam Unphased by ‘Affair’ Drama, Stepping Out with All Smiles

14. Travis Barker Loves His Wife Kourtney Kardashian

15. California To Ban Natural Gas Furnaces and Heaters

16. Sophie Julia is Not Doing a Podcast with Evander Kane

17. Hailey Bieber Is a Real Model

18. Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Down by $71B This Year, Putting Him at #22 On the Billionaire’s List

19. The King in His Counting House: Trump’s Business Practices Included Being Paid with Gold Bars

20. Robert Telles’s Ex-Wife Opens Up About Jeff German’s Alleged Murderer on Vegas Take

21. Can Someone Please Help Bob Saget

22. Facebook Users Sue Meta for Using iOS Loophole to Track Their Data

23. Mark Zuckerberg Hit with a Legal Complaint over Role of Charitable Organizations in Influencing 2020 Election

24. Fake Blue Joey Hickson “Permed” From Instagram

25. Michael Bublé is Still Wearing A Mask

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