Top 10 Republican Candidates for the 2024 Presidential Election – Pick Your Poison or Antidote

As 2024 inches closer, more Republicans are eager for a competitive primary field. Anyone with hope
and a dream can throw their hat into the ring because the once-iron grip Donald #Trump had on the party
may slip at the first sign of a better option. Rep Dan Crenshaw, a member of the conservative
Republican Study Committee said that there are other good candidates people should consider.
These are the top 10 Republican candidates who could jump into the political octagon for the 2024

Donald Trump: Trump of course is the Former POTUS (FPOTUS) and while he’s a great organizer of chaos
and enthusiasm, he’s carrying enough baggage to drown a packhorse. While he hasn’t announced
officially because then his actions would be subject to campaign finance laws, everyone knows he’s
running – if he avoids prison time. Trump’s popularity is due to his maverick style and “devil may care”
approach to passing laws.

Mike Pence: Trump’s former veep has urgent reasons for wanting to take the nomination. Namely, not
being subject to another Trump administration after his former running mate neglected to discourage
followers who wanted to “hang Mike Pence” during that fateful January 6 riot. Pence is a hard-line
conservative and Christian, appealing to a wide swath of traditional Republicans.

Mike Pompeo: Former Secretary of State under Trump, Pompeo has been dipping his toe in the tour
trail, speaking at a series of events across the country, including the Family Leadership Summit in 2020
and 2021. While there’s nothing official from Pompeo yet, reading between the lines, it’s clear that he’s
strongly considering a run. Pompeo is like a friendly Mike Pence, so they’re two wings of the same
conservative bird.

Chris Christie: The former Governor of New Jersey has lost the nomination before, but he hasn’t lost his
political drive. Once a staunch Trump ally, Christie has gained popularity in the past year for being willing
to speak up to Trump and hold him accountable for what he promises to the people. He’s blunt, witty,
and carries his own baggage – so Christie is not without problems as a potential nominee.

Nikki Haley: Haley served as a UN Ambassador under Trump and is also the former governor of South
Carolina. In June, she headlined an event for the Republican Party of Iowa in Des Moines and has
campaigned on behalf of other Iowa officials. Although she hasn’t mentioned for sure that she would
run, she has signaled that she won’t try to run against Trump if (when, hello!) he throws his hat into the

Ron DeSantis: As governor of Florida, DeSantis earned the love of the people with his hands-off
approach to COVID control during the pandemic. Picking fights with officials, he disagrees with, passing
laws with lightning speed, and spouting some MAGA ideology while embracing conservative ideals –
he’s basically the perfect candidate for those who love Trump but tire of the circus. DeSantis says he
isn’t running for president, focusing his attention instead on his responsibilities in the Sunshine State,
but who believes him?

Ted Cruz: The Texas Senator isn’t exactly popular, and he’s lost the nomination before. Cruz has made
headlines for being insulted by Trump before – and then continuing to vocally support him. While Cruz is
a well-known face and may win votes simply on name recognition, he’s got the spine of a jellyfish if his
interactions with Trump are any indication and would make a poor counter to another Biden run or a
strong Democrat candidate.

Tom Cotton: This Arkansas Senator has been doing the rounds on Fox News recently, openly criticizing
Biden and his policies. When asked if he would run in 2024, Cotton didn’t shy away from the idea – but
has made no promises.

Larry Hogan: The Governor of Maryland, Hogan has been portraying himself to the nation as a
traditional Republican. Hogan is an outspoken critic of Trump and is setting himself up perhaps to be a
commonsense alternative to the cult of personality Trump conducts.

Tim Scott: As a Senator from South Carolina, Scott has been criticized in the past for endorsing moderate
Senator Lisa Murkowski. But Scott brushed off naysayers and has been gathering impressive sums of
donations for a potential run in 2024.

All of these candidates offer something unique, but not all of them would be the best options when
looked at logically. However, it’s clear that the Republican party has their pick of excellence choices this
time around and while polls heavily favor a Trump third run, nothing is certain at this time.

Please note: FACTZ will be voting for NONE of these people. We are PURPLE, but we are extremely curious as to who you think will lead the Reds into the night.


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