TikTok Doesn’t Want to be Part of Political Content, They Just Want You to Smile

TikTok announced they would ban political accounts from monetizing on their platform after September 21. This is aimed at preventing campaign fundraising through the platform.

That includes gifting, tipping, e-commerce, the Creator Marketplace, and TikTok Creator Fund. In addition, political accounts (which include politicians, political parties, and government-run entities) can not advertise on TikTok anymore.

The ByteDanceLTD company acknowledged that there are limited situations where government accounts can advertise, including advertising COVID-19 boosters. But all government organizations must work one-on-one with a representative in order to draft and publish advertising.

It’s a formal step that acknowledges TikTok’s dedication to being, above all, an entertainment app.

While many other social media platforms have turned increasingly political, TikTok says they want people to laugh, dance, sing, and share life stories – not sway a generation.

It’s somewhat reflective of how Gen Z (a massive market for TikTok) feels about politics these days.


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