These Celebs are Gleefully Burning the Planet to Ash for Their Convenient Private Jets

In a world of man-made climate change, we are all supposed to do our part to at least not make things worse (if making them better is off the table due to corporate greed).

But no.

There’s a different set of rules for us and those who are among the elite – especially celebrities.

These top (bottom, if you ask me) 5 celebrities are gleefully spewing extraordinary amounts of CO2 emissions into the fragile atmosphere all for the convenience of their overpriced private jets. Here’s a look at who’s doing what:

5. Blake Shelton: Bet you didn’t expect country boy, “love the great outdoors” Shelton to be one of the top polluters, did you? But it makes sense, he’s popular. Really popular. So his jet-setting this year alone has produced just under 4,500 tonnes of CO2.

4. A-Rod: Can you believe he’s still relevant? But he’s relevant because he’s trashing the planet so that tracks. Alex Rodriguez’s jet-setting ways have produced over 5,300 tonnes of CO2 this year. That’s more than 700 times what the average person produces yearly, for reference. Yes, even your Aunt Mabel who still breaks styrofoam to-go boxes and drives her 1993 Civic through its plumes of black smoke.

3. Jay-Z: He had a career once as a rapper, but now he’s basically just a producer and husband to Queen Bey. He hasn’t stopped his high-life ways though and produced around 6,981 tonnes of CO2 while hopping about the planet this year.

2. Floyd Mayweather: Mayweather has taken the most flights this year (although to where – does anyone know what he’s still doing??) and it adds up to 7,076 tonnes of CO2, putting him behind only one planet-devouring diva.

  1. Taylor Swift: Not T-Swift! Oh yes. The country/pop singer slash troublemaker is the biggest polluter of them all, producing 8,293 tonnes of CO2 this year alone.

Those top two producers, by the way, produce more than 1,000 times what you or I produce in an average year – each.

It’s an extraordinary example of how celebrities live by a different set of rules since absolutely no one is talking about it. But god forbid an Average Joe drops his coffee on the side of the road – that’s punishable by a fine and public tongue lashing. Belching out toxic fumes while you jet off to the Gucci vault? Nah, that’s okay.

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