The New ‘Gold Standard’ $700 Burger at DBG Burger Bar in Philly

This new $700 burger is claiming to set the “Gold Standard” for hamburger lovers with deep pockets. The Gold Standard burger is made of A5 Wagyu beef, caviar, truffle, and lobster flambeed with Louis XIII cognac, gold leaf, and Wexford-aged Irish cheddar.

It is being served up with fries drizzled with rare and potent 1500+ Manuka honey, produced from the nectar of the Manuka tree native to New Zealand, which costs up to $816 a jar online. And it also comes with a 1-ounce side of Louis XIII cognac, aged a minimum of 40 years and produced in limited quantities by Remy Martin, and typically priced at about $4,100 per 750 ml bottle.

The burger is the signature dish on the menu at the newly-opened DBG burger bar and restaurant in Philadelphia. DBG co-owner George Tsiouris tells FACTZ, “Burgers are one of the most loved food items in the world. We are excited to provide our guests with some amazing, creative, and tasty options with our new menu concept.”

Don’t worry. They have other burgers for poor people at a measly $85.

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