‘The Little Mermaid’ Controversy Proves Racism is Alive and Well

Ever since it was announced that a live-action “The Little Mermaid” remake was coming, people were up in arms.

That’s because the mermaid in question is being played by Halle Bailey, who happens to be Black.

You mean to tell me that a fictional creature that lives under the seas isn’t white?! Horror.

While it may seem unsurprising that people reacted violently to Bailey’s skin color, what is surprising is the lengths to which they’re going to keep their racism alive and well.

Even though the movie hasn’t been released yet (the release date is May 2023), people are already review bombing it and trashing Bailey’s performance, a performance they haven’t been able to observe yet. Aside from the trailer which showcases her extraordinary vocal talent, that is.

People hide their disdain behind cute dog whistles; “I don’t care that she’s Black her hair just isn’t red enough,” or “the original mermaid was Danish, so she should be white.”

Never mind the fact that the original mermaid, written by Hans Christian Anderson, was a metaphor for his homosexual longing for another man whose world he longed to be part of, but couldn’t. Gee, that almost sounds like it could be a song.

Disney in recent years has come under fire from critics who call their efforts to increase diversity and inclusion “woke pandering,” but it’s getting old. The criticism hasn’t slowed them, if anything it has empowered a new generation of Disney movies and shows that are more diverse than ever before.

Conservative podcast hosts are throwing glorious fits all over the internet about how the “liberal agenda” is corrupting the youth, and liberals everywhere are finding a reason to complain about details of The Little Mermaid that aren’t up to snuff (that red hair again) – but Disney is forging ahead anyway.

Because the movies aren’t being made to please one side or the other, they’re being made to sell movies and merch to kids – who are more diverse now than any in any time in America’s history.

FACTZ caught up with Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta to discuss the racist comments about The Little Mermaid outside Craigs Restaurant in West Hollywood. No, she is not lost … that’s her vibe.


  • Mermaids are deep sea creatures that do not require to surface to breath. As such, they would likely not require any pigmentation, are going to be translucent and/or very pale white in color. True Disney inclusion would be to cast an Albino actress for the role – otherwise it is cultural appropriation of deep sea creature culture – which is wrong. Trust the science!!!

  • No it doesn’t. Why just change up a classic just to to appease 20% of people. The only reason they chose this girl is to fit a narrative. They could care less about anything else and neither do most people. Go woke go broke!

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