The Godmother of the Birkin Syndicate – Lana Scolaro

I’ve been getting a ton of FACTZ fan mail and intel on the Birkin Syndicate. The biggest question being asked is who is the Godfather or this mafia. Well, it’s not a man. It’s a boss lady by the name of Lana Scolaro.

Scolaris popular in the NYC and Paris streets has been in the Birkin game for decades. She started the trend of fake status for likes. The wannabe heiress showcased the bags into the ‘influencer’ mind … the only issue was nobody could afford them unless they traded weird sexual services or had a father who pretended to love them at convenience. But even then, international relations had to be made to get the product to Miami.

Getting an authentic Birkin bag is not easy. To get a fake Birkin bag is a simple message via Signal. If it’s not directly from Hermes, buy at your own risk … even though 98% of people wouldn’t know the difference, the only one judging you will be God.

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  • Yeah this is actually true. I remember when she was dating Alec Monopoly when he first started getting into the scene. Lana wore fake everything especially Chanel.

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