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The Chevy Bolt is Here, and It's Cheap - and That's About All It's Got Going for It, but That's Enough - Factz


The Chevy Bolt is Here, and It’s Cheap – and That’s About All It’s Got Going for It, but That’s Enough

Usually, when a new car rolls out, you want to hear all about the features and amazing specifications that make it unique and desirable.

With the new Chevy Bolt, that’s not happening.

Because it’s here, and it’s electric, and it’s cheap – but that’s about all you can say about it.

As the cheapest EV on the market, the Bolt runs for about $26,000 if you don’t want anything fancy, and that’s remarkable considering the high price point of its industry peers.

But the fact that it’s not super fancy is fine. Affordable is really enough in this case.

The EV market has been out of reach for many average consumers since the first electric cars hit the road, but the Bolt is looking to change that.

If people can buy in for the price of a normal car, why wouldn’t they choose the one that frees them from the chains of gas?

It’s not particularly fancy, and the features leave a little to be desired. But if you’re looking to get your foot in the EV door and break away from gas dependence, the Bolt is right up your alley, and it’s entirely affordable.

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5 months ago

So California already has enough power issues how do they expect people to charge their cars. No thanks.

5 months ago

I can fix gas prices. Nobody understands.