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The Birkin Breast Procedure is the Buzz in New York City

An epic story with flair, last season, the talk of the plastic surgery world was the “Birkin Body.”

People were coming from around the world to a swanky office called Neinstein Plastic Surgery in NYC overlooking Central Park to get the procedure. The procedure would help fix loose skin, muscle separation, and stubborn fat.

Well, this year, it’s the Birkin Breast that women seek.

Birkin Breast- a lower profile implant compared to higher styles in the past, gave an obvious look that was challenging to pair with couture clothing. The customization includes adding purified fat above the implant to the cleavage or side boob, similar to the customization of the hardware in your favorite Birkin.


Latest statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Top Surgical Procedures (Women)

1- Liposuction: 451,098

2- Breast Augmentation: 364,753

3- Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck): 242,939

4- Mastopexy (Breast Lift): 167,395

5- Removal Replacement of Breast Implants: 147,684

Takeaway- The plastic surgery procedures that are unburdening American women from their frustrations are procedures that tighten, tone, and tuck. We are moving away from bigger butts, bigger boobs, and showy aesthetics to a more elegant, refined look. Sorry to all the old pervs in Miami.

Why Birkin?

When Jane Birkin serendipitously complained to a Hermes executive on a flight in 1984 that she could not find a bag suitable for her as a young mother with flair, a design of sophistication, elegance, and of course, exclusivity was created. Being the daughter of a spy and a 1960s sex symbol created an aura that patients today still seek.

The man who developed the procedure, Dr. Ryan Neinstein, says The Birkin Breast is a beautiful symbol of femininity that is understated and instills confidence in the boardroom or on a runway. The majority of the audience is moms and millennials.

“Many of our discerning moms come from the UES, Greenwich, Mainline Philadelphia, Miami, Palm Beach, and Austin and share a common goal of either downsizing or removing their implants for a more elusive version of femininity. Millennials from coast to coast are confident and optimistic about their futures. As many have chosen to delay family planning, we see a lot of patients earning more at a younger age and having the self-confidence and awareness to express that body positivity. To assist with these procedures, Dr. Ryan has brought in Dr. Anna Steve, an established NYC plastic surgeon and mother of 2, to give a unique perspective.”

But if you are looking for the Birkin Breast, get in line now, as the demand has been through the roof.

Now is the busiest time of year for people getting procedures done, as people want to get comfortable with their new bodies in time for the summer. What makes the demand even more remarkable is how Dr. Neinstein helps his patients recover.

Patients are picked up in a car service right from the airport, treated in a stylish office, then treated by a 24-hour nurse at the Pierre Hotel.

This type of procedure you would probably see on some Bravo show, but it’s the talk of NYC and is a trend we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon.

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