Ted Cruz Booed and Flipped Off by Yankees Fans

Everybody loves Ted Cruz, said no one ever.

And Yankees fans were happy to remind him of how universally disliked he is when he attended the Houston Astros/New York Yankees game Sunday.

The Astros took the W to become the American League Champs, but it was Ted Cruz who took the L.

Pictures of Cruz’s warm welcome include the Senator waving at the crowd as multiple people flipped him the bird, and the crowd unleashed a torrent of boos.

Friendly phrases yelled at the Texan Senator included, “You fucking loser,” “racist piece of shit,” and “go back to Cancun.”

One tweet harnessed the reason why his presence was so ill-received as one user wrote, “Ted Cruz is so stupid and doesn’t even know the team he’s at Yankee Stadium to see that he applauded when Altuve [struck] out.”

Another tweet scoffed, “You actually clapped when Altuve struck out. You really do shame Texas.”


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