Taylor Swift Ticket Sales Crash TicketMaster, Sending Hopeful Early Buyers to the Back of the Line

It’s a great day for some people to be a Swifty – and a heartbreaking day for others.

Taylor Swift tickets went on sale for the US leg of her “The Eras Tour” on TicketMaster early Tuesday.

Excited fans who had waited hours and thought themselves at the front of the line were suddenly kicked in the proverbial teeth when TicketMaster crashed and shoved them to the back of the line.

Others say they were automatically logged out without a chance to complete their purchase.

The funnel of frustration that TicketMaster caused fans is another sign that it’s time to break up the entertainment company’s monopoly.

In Washington D.C., the situation prompted House Rep Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez to tweet, “Daily reminder that Ticketmaster is a monopoly, it’s [sic] merger with LiveNation should never have been approved, and they need to be reigned in. Break them up.”

The issue with TicketMaster and monopolizing ticket sales is nothing new. In 1995, rock legend group Pearl Jam testified about the issue before Congress. And yet it remains.

TicketMaster tweeted throughout their site’s issues, citing “unprecedented demand” as a reason for the technical glitches.

But of course, if one single company wasn’t trying to funnel tens of thousands of ticket requests through a single website, maybe it wouldn’t be an issue.