Taylor Parker Sentenced to Death for Killing Pregnant Friend to Steal Unborn Baby

Some crimes are unimaginably horrible, almost too horrific to believe they’re real.

Such is the case with Taylor Parker, who faked a pregnancy to keep a boyfriend.

She faked ultrasounds, faked the physical appearance of pregnancy, and even had a gender reveal story.

It all sounds a little crazy, but nothing compared to the horror she would visit on 21-year-old Reagan Simmons-Hancock, a pregnant woman she had befriended.

29-year-old Parker cut the baby from Simmons-Hancock’s womb in a home where the younger woman’s 3-year-old daughter was playing nearby.

Not only did Simmons-Hancock die in the most horrible way possible, but her baby, cut from her mother at 35 weeks, was born too early to survive and died as well.

The pregnant woman wasn’t just cut open, though; Parker sadistically “slashed” her hundreds of times and beat her.

Parker is now sentenced to death for her numerous crimes.