Tarte Cosmetics’ Dubai Influencer Trip Has Surpassed $1 million

As we broke yesterday, Tarte Cosmetics spent over $500k on an influencer activation in Dubai. Now FACTZ is learning that they paid “some” of the influencers. Our source on the trip is telling FACTZ that the “main influencer got $150,000,” they wouldn’t tell us who that female influencer was, but all signs point to Alix Earle.

So now, after contacting the Ritz-Carlton Dubai and getting the $30k-a-night villa room rates. The price tag for this trip has cost this cosmetic line over $1 million dollars.

Where is the money coming from?

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  • Im guessing 2 million after seeing how many people they flew in. Airfare one way per person is 21k. If they wanted brand recognition they definitely are getting it.

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