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Tara Reid at Craig’s Restaurant Last Night - Factz


Tara Reid at Craig’s Restaurant Last Night

The new and improved Nik Richie is friendly to old white women. I cannot hate on Tara Reid– she was the babysitter to my ex-wife’s little sisters. So she WAS family to me.

However, WGW (Zictionary launching soon, don’t worry) is a real issue. The White Girl Weathered epidemic is a genetic syndrome caused by two super Caucasians making love with no pullout. If you don’t have a mix, you are screwed. No creams or rich boyfriends can fix this. Regardless, Reid has a good heart and the singing voice of a Halloween Angel.

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5 months ago

LOL “The new and improved Nik Richie.” 😂

Miami Native
Miami Native
5 months ago

Her skin is melting.