Sujit Kundu FOUND: “Checking into a Detox Facility”

Thanks to FACTZ, friends of Sujit Kundu did multiple wellness checks and got authorities involved to find the drunken DJ manager. The SKAM Artist owner has been on an alcohol-induced bender for multiple weeks, using his birthday as an excuse to treat women like shit.

FACTZ can confirm Sujit Kundu was found in tears and does not remember anything he has done, and he will be personally apologizing to the Tao Group and its employees. FACTZ has been told there is security footage of the alleged sexual assaults. So this story isn’t over…

As for tomorrow, “Sujit Kundu is under extreme surveillance. And is set to check into a detox facility tomorrow, prior to rehabilitation.”

BREAKING UPDATE: Famed DJ Manager of SKAM Artists, Sujit Kundu Receives Lifetime Ban from all Tao Group Properties for Alleged Sexual Assault


    • Don’t be too hard on someone that has substance issues. He needs help. Whatever he did isn’t for us to judge. Let’s just hope he gets the help he needs and makes amends for mistakes.. we’re all human.

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