Still in Hiding, Do Kwon is Being Doggedly Chased by Terra Investors Who Have Been Cheated

Do Kwon founded Terra crypto ecosystem.

And investors believe he purposefully crashed it and ran off with their money.

Now, they’re trying to track him down.

In May of 2022, Terra’s crypto ecosystem folded, which caused a loss of over $40 billion in a short period of time. Investors have accused founder Do Kwon of plotting with members of his company, Terraform Labs, to collapse Terra’s ecosystem and pocket the cash.

Investors tried to recoup their losses with the launch of Terra 2.0, but it was doomed from the start.

Now, investors have formed a vigilante group to track down Do Kwon, who lives in Dubai.

Do Kwon swears he’s not in hiding, but he’s practically untraceable – and considering the fact that he’s sheltering from the wrath of people he may have taken billions from, it sounds an awful lot like hiding?

Authorities in South Korea are investigating Do Kwon, Terraform Labs, and Luna Guard Foundation, but they cannot locate the former crypto champ either.

But the investors, led by Kang Hyung-suk, are determined – with Kang saying, “I want to recruit more people to participate in the search.”