The World is Buzzing About Starlink, but Elon Musk’s Pet Project is Still a Ways Off for Most

When Elon Musk described the promise of Starlink, it sounded incredible.

A system of thousands of satellites in near-earth orbit, beaming internet connectivity to places around the globe that have historically lacked access.

As it turns out, it also appeals to people who don’t like to be tied down to their cable supplier.

There are a lot of benefits; you don’t have to run wires to a house using Starlink, and you aren’t limited to the providers in your area.

But there are some downsides. Namely, the fact that it won’t be available everywhere for some time yet. They have thousands more satellites to launch before Musk’s promise of blanketing the globe with internet becomes reality. The FCC recently withdrew funding for the project for “failing to meet program requirements,” but that may change in the coming months.

It’s also slower than fiber connection, which is quickly taking over the US as the fastest and most preferred connectivity method.

And if the weather is bad? You may end up with no service because that’s how satellites work.

The initial cost is around $599, and the service runs $110 monthly. It’s not cheap, but it’s a better option than no internet at all for many.

But as the hype grows and Musk struggles to meet his promise of covering the world with access, people are getting ahead of themselves – by a lot.


  • Elon is light years ahead and more innovative than most no doubt he will make this work. It seems that the world likes to put their problems on Elon to solve when our own government officials won’t.

  • I thought this was just a button they have to push. On Instagram they are acting like Elon saved Iran. Love Factz for setting people straight.

  • I was at The Gorge amphitheater last night seeing Jack Johnson. It was a beautiful clear night and starlink was surrounded the stage. It was beautiful!

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