South Korea Mourns Deaths of Over 150 People in Halloween Weekend ‘Stampede’

When the news broke about several deaths in a crowd in South Korea, it seemed almost too horrific to be accurate.

Thousands were attending Halloween weekend festivities in the Itaewon district of Seoul when a sudden press in the crowd became a crushing nightmare that killed over 150 people.

Sunday, Seoul officials confirmed that 26 of the dead were from 14 nations, including the U.S., France, Thailand, and Japan. At least 97 women and 56 men have been confirmed dead.

Over 130 additional people received injuries.

Things went wrong when a crowd of people was forced into a narrow alleyway where victims were slowly crushed to death. Witnesses and survivors recount that it took nearly half an hour for the crowd to be untangled and for many people to receive aid.

A shocking video in the aftermath shows dozens of people receiving CPR from random strangers desperate to try to save their lives. Photographs show bodies lined up in piles and covered with sheets.

South Korea has declared a week-long mourning period to mourn the 156 dead.