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South Carolina Sheriff Caught in Racist Phone Conversation

A South Carolina (Columbus County) Sheriff named Jody Greene is in deep water after being caught in a horribly racist phone conversation.

The conversation happened while Green was speaking to then-Captain Jason Soles, tapped to lead the Sheriff’s Office as election officials investigated a complaint questioning whether or not Greene was eligible to serve as sheriff.

Greene demanded to know who in the department had spoken to the former Sheriff (Lewis Hatcher), whom Greene defeated in the election, and a recently fired sergeant named Melvin Campbell. Allegations include that he did not reside in Columbus County, which is required by state law to serve as Sheriff, election fraud (he won by only 34 votes), and the fact that he was improperly sworn in before the state certified the election results.

The critical point of interest: both Hatcher and Campbell are Black.

Greene growled to Soles over the phone, “I’m sick of it. Sick of these Black bastards. I’m going to clean house and be done with it. And we’ll start from there.”

But that’s not all there is to the story. Greene had a reputation for being violent to Black people, once allegedly punching a handcuffed Black man in the face.

Soles says other phone calls came from Greene, including when he told Soles, “I take that back. I hate a Black fucking Democrat.”

Soles is running against Greene and says, “it broke my heart,” because that’s not what he believes being a sheriff is about.

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6 months ago

This should be world news. I swear since Covid ended racism just came back.