Sorority Dance Wars: Kappa at Iowa State University

Ok, ladies, now that I am a fashion expert and a Havard dropout (not by choice … I’m just done with all these mandatory boosters), it’s time to take my talents to the next level and rate your moves like Jagger. I will be scaling on a ten-point system- ten being the best score you can achieve. My track record on the internet says I’m not the most affable judge. Just warning you where the tears from your heart are coming from.

School: Iowa State University

Sorority: Kappa

Choreography: 6.227831

Blonde Ratio: 6.33522

Flips: 2.00022

Aesthetics: 6.227718

Anchor Dancer (the closer at the end): 6.99827

Overall: 6.00245

Final thoughts by Nik: I really like the anchor’s black ripped jean shorts. They pop. All in all, everything was too slow. It felt like Des Moines. I do think the blondes, breathable air, thigh muscles, and professor X’s house saved them. Being rated in the sixes for Iowa is a big deal from me.

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